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FAQ: Customer Help And Assistance For New/Swapped Boxes

Q & A- "When I Got My Box Changed, Why Don't I Have All My Services?"



When account service upgrades happen, it can often take anywhere from 24 hours to 72 hours for mobile services to activate the new information from the boxes and the network:


Some General Tips To Follow:


Software Updates- May occur with several reboots for the first hour shortly after a new box is installed. Do not interfere with this process!  It may take up to an hour for the updates to go to the boxes.  If after an hour has gone by and the box is still updating, wait till an update finishes.  (Than, you can turn your box off, unplug it for about a minute, than plug it back in.) Up to two more reboots may follow,  But users should wait for a good hour for all updates to apply to a new or swapped box.


Caller ID on TV- which requires a subscription to TWC Digital Cable TV and Digital Phone Service can take up to 24 hours to activate on a new or swapped box, or account upgrade. (Often appears within six hours.)


Premium Channel Adds and Optional Channel Adds-Can take up to 24 hours, but may appear within 6 to 12 hours, sometimes within an hour or so, depends on the changes to your account, the servers and the upgrade process,


Mobile Application Activations-Such as or Remote DVR Manager can take between 48-72 hours before they are activate to your account following a new or swapped box This is generally the longest wait process.


If you are getting the box via service call truck roll, the tech should activate the box before he leaves.  This will activate your Premium Channel Packages, Optional Services on the Account will also be activated,  The wait time for the services above and the update processes mentioned above, still applies.


If you have swapped the box out from a TWC/Spectrum Center, do the one hour wait for updates.  If your box does not update at that time, or after waiting an hour, than doing the cold reboot, call TWC to have your box authorized to your account.  Above wait time for other services mentioned above may still apply.