DVR Showing Up As Not Connected in My Account

I Have a 210-H and it's shwing up as Not Connected in My Account.  I believe becasue of this I cannot schedule recordings from the app.  The other DVR shows up, and I can schedule it from the app.

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Re: DVR Showing Up As Not Connected in My Account



This is a HUGE bug and it affects all of the World Boxes nationwide.  (Boxes without a front panel clock.)   You are exactly correct, this bug means that you cannot yet record remotely to the World Boxes.  This bug unfortunately, did not stop the deployment of the World Boxes. 


Normally, there is a 48 hour wait time between the install of an DVR box and the ability to program it remotely.  I would love to be wrong in that first paragraph and see that World Box DVR's can now be programed remotely after the 48 hour grace period.  If any of yours CAN remotely record, please reply in this thread with your state, city, and zip code, for evidence that the World Box DVR's can now record remotely.


I feel for customers with World Box DVR's that can't record remotely.  Other DVR's will record fine, after that up to 48 hour grace period.


I hope that progress is being made on this bug in the labs.




Re: DVR Showing Up As Not Connected in My Account

I got 3 210A a week ago and none of them will sync with my account. The guide time is also set to the wrong time zone and spectrum can’t fix it. The guide also only works part of the time. The whole dvr section of the app is inoperable with all 3 boxes. I’m taking them back in tomorrow and cancelling service.