DVR Listings Include NonDVR Episodes and Wrong Order

In a recent updated we've (several friends and I) noticed that the order of listings for a series recording is not only out of order, but also includes nonDVR episodes. This causes great confusion. 


See in image below, that the first episode listed for this program lists a recorded date of 11/16/16)... entries below list prior dates (one week and two week prior) -- note the episodes number both list as 8...


Beneath that, in 'Other Episodes', more recent episodes are listed... dated 1/18/17, 1/11/17 and 1/4/17 (one week increments)... if you scroll down further (next image)... you see an episode dated 10/26/16...


In other words, episodes ARE NOT listing sequentially (either in most recent or oldest first (at top) but rather in a mixed up order.


This is cleary WRONG.


Can anyone else confirm this?

TWC -- is this a know issue that will be resolved? Workaround?



Re: DVR Listings Include NonDVR Episodes and Wrong Order

Couldn't agree more.  What programmer decided that putting things in date of recording order was inappropriate?  Obviously someone who never uses the DVR.


Re: DVR Listings Include NonDVR Episodes and Wrong Order

Of course, not leaving well enough alone, I spent 2 hours dealing with poorly trained TWC staff via phone (and chat)... the chat agents were at least a bit helpful and directed me to some 'what changed' info on the website...


The first agent I spoke with was downright rude and nasty and when I called her out on it, she disconnected the call (a tendency i've seen with TWC phone staff).


The 'lead' I spoke to afterward stated she'd review the call recording and reprimand the prior staff, but with regard to the 'issue' posted here, could only agree to file a  'feedback' report -- which I'm certain will do nothing.


I work in a related industry and understand/know what they _should_ be doing to address/resolve, but clearly a) they don't care, b) customer facing staff don't care c) due to the merger process, they don't care.


This latest (routine) discomfort with calling TWC for help has me even more so considering I cut the cord...


Should anyone at TWC read this, I encourage you to have a member of your management staff contact me. I've lots of feedback that you would want to hear and that could help you with your business and in correcting your image with customers. 

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Re: DVR Listings Include NonDVR Episodes and Wrong Order

@firenc  we would be happy to submit your feedback.


Please contact us directly at TWC_ForumsHelp


Look forward to hearing from you.


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Re: DVR Listings Include NonDVR Episodes and Wrong Order

This new DVr thing is ridiculous. Who did they hire to program this change?   You can't find anything. Please go back to latest recordings on top.  I don't want to look at every episode to find what I am looking for!  Another reason I am ready to get rid of Spectrum....

Re: DVR Listings Include NonDVR Episodes and Wrong Order

This is unacceptable , I had two episodes recorded of "the Detour" and I went to the bottom of the dvr list and played the episode and realized that Spectrum had somehow managed to screw up the order of a mere two episodes. I watched the show out of order and had th ings spoiled for me. The show creators and network, shouldn't have to worry about fans being dissapointed by  cable carrier who cant even figure out how a list works! The networks need to get on your case and get you to fix this idiotic action, and if you can't, remove their channels from you until you hire someone who can get your act together!

Re: DVR Listings Include NonDVR Episodes and Wrong Order

Hi - I couldn't agree more on the list of episodes. Many times the newer episodes are listed at the bottom with the so called "other episodes." PLEASE go back and list them in the order they were recorded!