Cisco 9865 Diagnostics?

How do you get to the Cisco 9865 diagnostics screens? I added an external hard drive, but I can't determine if it is recognized.


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look at the remaining space.

The ext drive option is disabled on most boxes and there's really no use for it as it  is a proprietary format and can't be transfered


 I don't know on that box how much you can see by holding down the select button for 10 seconds then hitting the up arrow



Re: Cisco 9865 Diagnostics?

I found the diagnostics. It shows the storage as 1 TB. The external drive space is not shown, so guess it is disabled. The external drive does work well on the SA 8300's though.


Re: Cisco 9865 Diagnostics?

I added a 1TB HDD via the eSATA port. I do see the Cisco 9865HDC talking to the external drive and when I pull up diagnostics I do see the internal drive and also the external drive which was shown as 931 GB which was exactly what I knew the formatted partition was. So far so good. However before the external drive was added, the DVR showed 23% full and also showed 23% full after. So the question is will the DVR use the external drive or not - it does see it but will it use it.


Read on for some details. I did see one post somewhere that said the external DVR won't be used till over 50% of the existing internal DVR is used up - not sure if that is true but we'll see. Also to get into the diagnostics I held the power button down on the DVR box (not the remote) for 10 seconds. I had successfully installed an external drive on an older Scientific Atlanta box and when it was recognized a message popped up to say 'do you want to format this HDD'?  I did not see that this time. Also my earlier install showed right away that the capacity when you do a LIST showed 1/3 of what it was before I installed the external drive. So I do have my concerns but I'm going to see if there is a required format and if I can take the box off and reformat it under Windows and reattach it to the DVR. One nice thing to do is get the NexStar 3 NST-360UFS-BK Drive Enclosure and put an internal HDD in it. It has connections for both the eSATA and USB so you can use it with computer or DVR. Also one other thing, I was told that the external drive must be no bigger than 1TB. I am thinking of trying to install a smaller say 240 GB drive and see if things look more promising. Also I may try to put a Linux format on the external HDD as I heard that is what the DVR is looking for.


Good Luck, if I learn more I'll post more.


Re: Cisco 9865 Diagnostics?

Actually, I want to get into the diagnostics because I need to reformat the disk. There is obviously a bad spot as a recorded program cannot fast forward or fast reverse past a certain point. I had that with a previous box and reformating the drive fixed it. So, how do I access the diagnostics so that I can reformat the disk - knowing it will remove all recorded/scheduled programs.