Cisco 8742 DVR: How to set optical audio out to 2-channel PCM format?

Is there a way to set the optical audio output to 2-channel PCM?  The menu choices for digital audio seem to be "Dolby Digital", "HDMI", and "Other".  Is "Other" 2-channel PCM? (and if so why isn't it labeled as such, grumble...)






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Re: Cisco 8742 DVR: How to set optical audio out to 2-channel PCM format?

In viewing the user guide for this piece of equipment the only mention of Audio Output is


Important Notes Regarding the HDMI Interface on the Set-Top
The HDMI interface automatically configures the audio output for a format supported by the television. Because not all TVs support the Dolby Digital input, the HDMI interface may automatically select a 2-channel stereo audio configuration instead of Dolby Digital, which it carries over to the other digital audio outputs of the set-top. This prevents your home
theater system or Dolby Digital decoder from providing the full Dolby Digital surround-sound effect.

You can override this configuration by completing the following steps.

1. Press SETTINGS twice on the remote control to open the General Settings menu.
2. Press MOVE UP or MOVE DOWN to select the option Audio: Digital Out.
3. Press MOVE RIGHT to select Dolby Digital. This setting will send Dolby Digital audio to the HDMI, DIGITAL AUDIo OUT, and OPTICAL AUDIO OUT connectors on the set-top.

• If the TV is not Dolby Digital capable, it may not produce audio through its speakers when the Audio: Digital Out
setting on the set-top is set to Dolby Digital. You can either switch the Audio: Digital Out setting back to HDMI
when you are not using the home theater or Dolby Digital decoder, or you can connect the baseband audio
outputs (OUT 1 Audio Left and Right) to the TV.
• Digital content is encrypted with High-Bandwidth Content Protection (HDCP) on the DVI/HDMI port. This set-top
is not compatible with devices that do not



You can view a user guide to this box by logging into My Account on that 

front page scroll down until you see

Activate and Troubleshoot Services

and click on Equipment. It should list your equipment and have a 

link for the user guide. 


You can also visit the manufacturer website

They also have a forum and may have more specific details for you on 

how those audio out functions work. 


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