Can't record a series

Just got installed last week and I can't record a series on any of my boxes (Arris/Motorola DCX3400M). When I select a program to record it asks me if I want to record a series, Yes/No, I hit the yes and it takes me to a screen where I can select different recording options (start time, end time, episodes to keep, etc.). Then after setting those selections the same "Do you want to record this series?" Yes/No selection is there to choose, I hit yes and it just takes me back to the previous screen of the show description. Back and forth, around and around but nothing else. Nothing showing on my scheduled recording list. Can someone hellp please. This is happening on all three of my DVR boxes.

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Re: Can't record a series

Hi!  I am sorry this has been so frustrating. First thing I would suggest is a reset of the box.

You can do this by unplugging the power for about a minute or so and then plugging it back in.  Are you able to record single shows? Are you able to set up recordings from the Remote DVR Manager? 


Please let us know if the powercycle of the box does not do the trick. 


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Re: Can't record a series

I have the same problem. The Spectrum app works wonderfully. So now I have to add recordings from my iPhone.

Re: Can't record a series

Same issue, can use the app to schedule recordings but not through the actual set top box guide.