CLIKR-5 Volume (audio) Control

Is it possible to program the CLIKR-5 (UR5U-8780L) so that while in CBL mode the volume/muting controls use the AUX device (as opposed to TV)?


If not, does Spectrum provide a remote that allows this? I used to have an old SA remote (AT8550) that allowed this. It is very useful for running audio through a home theatre device.


I see an AT8560 listed, maybe that's a possibility?



Re: CLIKR-5 Volume (audio) Control

There should be a 9xx comand that allows you to lock or unlock buttons from a device. Problem is that the device must be accessable thru the remote.... If you can't assign it to the aux button, you're out of luck.

What light comes on when you press aux then volume up?



Re: CLIKR-5 Volume (audio) Control

Well, per the instructions, when I hit AUX and then volume up, it changes the volume on the AUX device. This is workable, just not convenient since I have to keep switching between AUX (for volume/muting) and CBL (for channels/guide) modes. Wife doesn't quite get modal operations!  Smiley Happy


These instructions only talk about moving volume controls in CBL mode from the TV (default) to the cable box.


The old manual talks about the 993 command to assign volume control... perhaps it's worth a try...



Re: CLIKR-5 Volume (audio) Control

Well, apparently the CLIKR-5 doesn't support the 993 command...


Do any Spectrum tech support people participate in these forums?