Arris DCX3200M Questions

I recently was advised by TWC Support  that I should return my Cisco DTAs and obtain the Arris Set top boxes.   A Couple questions have come up: 

First.  I was told that the GUIDE would be available on all 4 of my TVs now.  As it turns out, the only one that has the GUIDE is the unit that is attached to the "digital" cable line.   The rest are apparently set to standard TV only.   Is that the way it should work, given I was told they should all now have the GUIDE? 


Second.  I would like to dim the clock light on the front of the Arris box.  It is very bright.  I did find a manual that provided instructions to access USER SETTINGS to adjust the light level, but the on screen menu that appears for me is very different from what is in the manual and doesn't offer an option to modify the brightness.    Any ideas? 


Re: Arris DCX3200M Questions

Why were you talking to tech support? It sounds like you have signal level issues/ intermittents that will only get worst with full 2 way boxes...

 You pretty much can't put more than 2 boxes and a modem on most cable drops from the street.

As for dimming the clock, use a piece of opposing color cellophane or theatrical "gell" to cover the clock. They also make ND gray gell in several light atenuation ranges if you  like the led color.





Re: Arris DCX3200M Questions

Thanks @MsRaye.

I was speaking with TWC Support about a change in plans from a TWC plan to a Spectrum plan.  That is when they informed me that before the plan could change, I would need the change in Set top boxes.   As it turns  out, they didn't make the plan change, but told me that sooner or later all the Cisco DTAs would have to be swapped out.   Nothing was said about any limitations or issues that may be caused by having 4 boxes.    Still, only one of the boxes allows use of the GUIDE function. 


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Need to see your modem signal level page.. It must be on a 2 way splitter right after the outside grounding block. The other port must go to a 4 way splitter. That will drop the IB level 7 dB below the modems DS level...

Issue however is the OOB US or TX level, it will be 7 dB higher than the modem US level and if that's higher than +52 dB, they might not work and will require a unity gain amplified bidirectional splitter amplifier.

DTA's were one way and didn't need US, they were like a cable ready TV...



Re: Arris DCX3200M Questions

Hello Doug,


If you have not already done so you might try the following system reset:

Unplug all Set-Top Box Power cords.

Unplug and re-plug each coax cable from each set-top box.

Wait 30 seconds and re-plug all Set-Top Box Power cords.

Wait for all Set-Top boxes to re-boot.

Re-try the functions that were previously missing.

I have often had to re-boot newly-installed boxes one or two times before all features were enabled correctly.

With some boxes (not Arris) it took a lot more that this.


No matter what the outcome is in the above reset proceedure,

you should definitely get your signal levels correct:

Most Spectrum service technicians now carry a two-way amplifier.

They often call it a "zero amplification box".

MsRaye above called it a "unity gain amplified bidirectional splitter amplifier" most correct.

What it really does is amplify to exactly cancel the in-box splitter losses

on up to 1 modem connection and up to 4 Set-Top box connections

on both the incoming and the outgoing signals.

This is very important, as most boxes only amplify the incoming signal level.

Additionally, most amplification boxes over amplify the signals

which is as bad as underamplify.

Using splitters only causes incoming and outgoing signal losses.

A 75-ohm terminator is plugged into each, if any, unused port on the box.

Once this box is installed you, or the tech, can check your signal levels

as others have described above.


If there are any cable or connection problems in your home coaxial wiring

the technician should be able to detect these issues for you.

Additionally, the tech should tell you if the line levels coming into your home are wrong.


If the incoming line levels are not correct, then Spectrum line technicians

should be called to correct the signal levels coming to your home.

The goal is always to have the correct levels on the line coming into your home.

Then to maintain the same correct level at each installed piece of equipment.

For signals traveling in both directions.