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Problem is MsRaye that they (TWC in general) don't care and if they send someone out to your house to try and fix the problem (that's what they do because the first level and second level support don't understand the issue) they end up charging you for a service call.


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Hi JtmcbainI.  You asked:

Jtmcbain wrote:
What device did you purchaseonline to fix theCEC issue and did it work ?

 I never did try to use it because I created the fix after I ordered the device online and before it arrived at my house.  However after receiving the device (Monoprice PID 9964 called an IR Extender and costs $25.45 plus shipping) I figured I didn't want to use it because:


1. The body of the adapters would not fit either my AV Receiver or the Arris DCX 3600-M so I can't connect it into either of these devices.  I could use two HDMI cables with a female to female adapter and place this adapter in line with the cables but that was way to much work and I needed to go buy another set of cables from Costco (they have a package that contains two 6 foot cables and a female to female adapter).


2. There is a circuit in the adapters that is powered from the HDMI connection (maybe the +5v line on pin 18) and I just don't want to try to see how it works besides that I already had a solution.  However there are good reviews of this device on the Monoprice site.


As far as I can see all I would have to do is use one of the end adapters from this pack and put the switch in the IR setting and that removes CEC from the loop.



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Hi Jtmbain. You asked:

Jtmcbain wrote:
I would like to see what you did to fix this issue

This is a problem because I can't get a clear enough picture or video with the resolution needed to show the details but I will try to explain it here. When you look at the end of a HDMI cable you will see 19 small holes. These are the retaining holes for the 19 leaf spring pins that make up the contacts in the HDMI cable connector.


What I did was flatten pin 13 (the CEC pin) on one end of a HDMI cable so it would not come in contact with the socket when I plug it into the connection on my AV Receiver. I flattened the pin by using a very fine jewellers screwdriver (the blade of the screwdriver was no wider than the pin) and applied pressure to the pin. I started at the bottom of the pin and slowly ran the screwdriver up to the top of the pin applying even pressure. I knew it worked when I saw the end of the pin extending slightly out from the retainer hole. I verified that it would not make connection by using an ohm meter and a female to female adapter to check for continuity. NOTE that I did this with the cable disconnected from all devices.


The pins inside the connector on the cable are actually leaf spring electrical contacts and what I did was take the 'springyness' out of the contact so that it no longer makes connection. You only need to do this on one end.

I then used that HDMI cable between the DCX 3600-M and my AV Receiver placing the modified end at my AV Receiver and Voila - the DCX 3600-M is out of the CEC loop.


There may be other ways to ensure pin 13 is out of the circuit. For instance I tried to use a small wad of paper as an insulator for the contact but it kept moving around and dropping out before I could get it plugged into my AV Receiver.


By the way I ruined 2 HDMI cables before I finally hit on my solution. Thank goodness they are pretty cheap at Costco.


You can reference the correct pin assignments and look at a good picture of the end of a HDMI connector on the HDMI.org site:




I hope this helps you out.


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Hi Dolson88


I personally have not encountered a 'skip forward 30 second' feature on any of the DVRs from Time Warner.  They have a skip back button that skips you back 30 seconds.  What I do to skip through commercials when I am watching a show that I have recorded is to use the fast forward button.  This works well for me when coupled with the "DVR Compensation" set to medium that way if I overshoot the end of the commercial it jumps back about 10 seconds.  You catch the end of the commercial but still get the start of the next scene. You set the DVR Compensation by using your remote and pressing the "settings" button then go to the "Display" menu, DVR Compensation option.


With regard to your 'complex setup' with many cables, I managed to skinny down my installation when I updated my equipment so that everything had an HDMI connection on it.  I went from 26 cables of various types down to 5 HDMI cables.



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The simple solution to break pin 13 is to use a HDMI to DVI-D cable and then a DVI-D to HDMI adapter

The CEC pin does not exist in a DVI-D and won't get passed thru