Any way to transfer/backup series manager?

Just bought a new tv for the other room and probably gonna have to upgrade the dvr box in it (since I get flickering with the rca cables) to an HD one, so I was wondering if there was a way to backup or transfer the series manager.  I know I can't transfer the currently recorded shows (which I'm really disappointed with having to get rid of them) to a new box, but I hope theres a way I can backup/transfer all the series I have set to tape (at least 40-50, most of which aren't currently running). I really don't want to have to reschedule all of them.  Thanks in advance for any replies.


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Nope, no way to transfer dvr contents other than record them on a dvd or vcr



when you say flickering, are you connected via 3 rca cables into composite or 5 cables into component?

 Neither should flicker, maybe a cable is bad



Re: Any way to transfer/backup series manager?

I can live with losing whats saved/recorded on it, I just don't really want to have to redo the series manager.



3 rca cables, same cables I had my dvr plugged into my previous tv.  Tried also with the default rca cable for a western digital play 2013 model, which has the yellow/red/white on one end and a single plug that goes into the wd device. Both had flickering on the tv, though dvrs was a little less as it was only flickering vertically in about two horizontal 'bands' where as the plays was flickering horizontally in most of the screen.


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that more or less sounds like a tv problem, It probably is losing it's filter capacitors.

It's called the "capacitor plague", mostly in flat screen monitors and dell computer desktop motherboards and a lot of desktop power supplies made since 2000 when conterfeit capacitors were used.


Switching to hdmi probably won't help.


The other possibility is that it's ground loop hum between the cable box and TV, which may happen if the TV has a 3 pin grounded plug . You will have 2 darkened brightness areas rolling slowly up or down the screen very slowly

That's caused by a difference in ground potential either due to an incorrectly installed grounding block outside the house on the cable line or an in house wiring error.


If you've swapped tv's, it may be the dvr box, strange that the WD source does the same.






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Actually I plugged the wd play in with hdmi and it was fine.  Last night I switched it back to rca (without replugging the rca plugs back into the computer, since I had left them plugged in), and it was fine.  I switched it back to the rca plugs for the dvr and it was fine.  So I don't know what was wrong the first time (unless it was leaving one end of the hdmi cable plugged in).


But thanks for the replies. I really wish there was a way to transfer scheduled series (not what has already been recorded) Smiley Sad.

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Re: Any way to transfer/backup series manager?

If your box is ODN, you may be able to save your series setup.  I have not tested this myself to see if it works... but it doesn't hurt to try.


1) On your remote, hold the OK/Select button until you see a flashing light on the front of your box.  The flashing light may look like an envelope.  When you see this flash, release the OK/Select button and press the Exit button.


2) Then, press the settings button on your remote.  It should default you to "Quick Settings".  Press the left arrow button once, which should bring you to "Field Tools".


3) Scroll down to the "Save Settings" option and press OK.  Write down the numbers it gives you.  This should save all series information to the server (series only, not actual recorded shows).


4) On your new cable box, repeat steps 1 & 2.  Once you are back at Field Tools, scroll down to "Restore Settings" and input the numbers you wrote down from the old box.



Your series setup should now be restored.  I apologize if this does not work - as I mentioned before, I have not tested it myself since I have not swapped a cable box - I do successfully receive a save code though.


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Cool! Will this work for moving from a DVR THAT RECORDS 2shows at a time to the new beta DVR that records 6 shows at a time? Can the restore be done more than once with the same code?