A Huge Thank You to TWC Technician ID #269 Samaar Loop !

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 I and my family are extremly Thankful for the Hard work and Troubleshooting that Samaar Loop TWC Technician ID #269 did for Us.

We had experieced issues with our Cable Set Top Box since getting it

in January 2013 , We called, We has numerous Tecnicians come out

but Sammar went many steps farther and said He would not leave until it was fixed (This took place 6.15.2013 and I did a online Survey but wanted to post this as well.=

June 15th 2013 Time Warner Technician Samaar Lopp Tech ID # 269

Did work several hours (constantly) on Saturday 6.15.2013 due to our continued picture pixelation, audio drop out( 5-8 seconds compared to lips moving on screen ) as well as picture drop out and fuzzy-poor quality picture quality.=

Set Top Cable Box =Cisco 4742 HC and remote 

The Box was  received Jan 2013 was shipped Fed Ex -UPS and per sticker on cable box  =Mfr date/inspect date 

was Oct 2012 Was brand new ? or ?refurb (possibly)  and short HDMI cable and some papers

Did buy new HDMI Medicbridge (2 6 foot (1) each for B-Ray to HDTV and (1) C-Box to HDTV and 

even tried on 6.14.13 Component RGB and R&W Audio and reset Cable Box with out resolve of pixelation (but ? picture a bit clearer ) , than prior box with HDMI , did change back to HDMI 6.14.13 as TWC coming out Saturday 6.15.13

Cisco 4742 HDTV Digital Cable Box and   Sony KDLEX640 HDTV and Sony Remote

Cisco Cable Box 4742 HC with  remote UR5U-8780L-TWM
> checking A-Z and having a "perfect Signal" incoming and at pole , He checked levels , and 

and even did a (Temporay line from where line comes to house and in to our house up to the Sony HDTV (Bought new in December 2012) No change in Picture nor issues  , We asked him about trying a different cable box with this Television as the box has never worked properly , despite many calls and visits by different TWC technicians .

(and believe Me when He said Yes We  were  estatic ,* we had asked each time when a tech was out

and because signals were adjusted, or a coaxial connector was tightened , they said it was fixed but left

with the picture pixelating, audio drop out of 5-8 seconds , and even picture drop out, Every tech said *No

to replacing the Cable box *and at this point we had decided if it can not be fixed, we would drop the digital box/cable and pursue something else. Samaar changed the box out , He did have to reprogram it

as we were just north of the service area He normally covers and the channel line up was different

The Box itself was changed out with a same model "test box" he keeps in His Vehicle , and Pixelation GONE, Audio drop out Gone, picture drop out Gone !! and then his test box = Cisco Explorer 4742 HC Was replaced with a 2nd unit,(New Unit ) Cisco Explorer 4742HC , set up and tested,

and again No Pixelation , and original cable box  set taken away and (2nd unit (both passed view test-signal test ) remained in place hooked up to our TV .

Success.!  *The Original Cisco Cable Box had been defective the whole time *and so much time could have been saved (and frustration) and service calls on TWC's behalf , if the other technicians would have been as determined to fix a problem as* Samaar Loop ID #269 * 

I will add He spent several hours here, and checked all the other televisions and it was a warm day

HD Cable along with our It was also my Wife and I's Wedding Anniversary and what  a Present that was to have working DIgital HDTV ,(Since Jan 2013 to June 15 2013) , in closing , We have not had any further issues with pixelation, audio dropout or picture dropout.June 15 2013 to Present Nov 14th 2013

I am writing as if You do by chance it could very well be the cable box (even a new one and a indemand one as the Cisco 4742 HC 

Thanks Again Samaar Loop Technician ID #269Smiley Happy

NE Ohio

I apologize if I mispelled Your First Name Sir ,