24 7 Recording

Hi All - I just had a new camera installed and it is HD and has a wide viewing angle. I think it looks great and much better than my old camera from TW. 


The problem is that the 24/7 recording is still in the old SD (720p?) resolution.  So although live, on my phone, touchscreen and internet portal its HD and looks great. But when I look at the history, it is a SD and has about 20-30 feet in each direction of the field of view cropped. 


Anyone experience this and have a solution?




Re: 24 7 Recording

the recording resolution is set lower to save hard drive space.

You need a better DVR

here's the best display differences:


Re: 24 7 Recording


This reply makes no sense. 24/7 Recording is in regards to IntelligentHome cameras and has nothing to do with DVR in any way.