texting to a landline ?

Recently there was a meeting my wife would like to have gone to. Her brother said he had texted her about it but apparently had sent the text to our landline number instead of her cell phone by mistake. I wasn't aware you could send a text to a landline or that it could be set up to even get those. Wouldn't it have given him an error that the message couldn't go through?

Just wondered, not up on this phone stuff.   

Spectrum Employee

Re: texting to a landline ?

If you text the landline it will go to the Phone 2 Go app you can install on your Android/iOS device.  I believe you may have to install the app and get it going first before it works, but it does work.


Re: texting to a landline ?

It does work, but on my iPhone I do not see any indication there is a text waiting. I only get the initial notification and if I don't see it tough luck.