international calls goes into a loop

i'm in L.A. and made an overseas call to my mom.  After 2 minutes, every thing she said got played back.  Creepy feeling that the call was recorded and playing back over and over.  Not by her.  Not by me.  Recording went in a loop.  I disconnected the call and called her back.  Same thing happened.


I thought problem will go away after a few days.  Maybe just a weird one time event.  Oh no!  Keeps on happening.  Out of 7 to 9 calls in a span of weeks, maybe only 2 calls will be good.  We'd  also call my wife's family abroad just to see if maybe problem is only with my mom's phone.  Nope.  Same thing happens most of the time when we call my in-laws.


Spectrum tech will be coming over on President's Day to check what's going on.  "The truth is out there...."

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Re: international calls goes into a loop

Good morning. I am sorry for the frustration there. I do want to point out that the calls

are NOT recorded. There is obviously an issue with the connection which we will

work to get corrected. If once the technician has been out if the issue persists please

contact us directly. 

We will need to have 3 examples from within the previous 24 hours.

please include your account number and address for verification

1. The phone number you are dialing from   

2. The time of the phone call

3. The number you are dialing

4. Results of the call. 


If you are able to provide this for multiple destination numbers that would be ideal.


Thank you!
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