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I've been hunting all over TW's site and asked in chat for a printable page that has the voice mail menu options on it for my mother, who doesn't hear well and isn't on computer.  Chat Support gave me a link that sent me to an FAQ that was no help at all--included a how-to for getting voice mail that doesn't even mention you can use *98 from home phone.  I've searched every link in phone faq's and support that I can find.  Could also use a page with list of the *numbers you can use.  Anyone have a link?

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Re: Voicemail menu

Here's what I was able to find for you...


Digital Voicemail Menu commands ( while within the voicemail system via your phone )...


#1 - Listen to messages/Reply message

#3 - Delete message

#4 - Forward message to another mailbox

#6 - Mark the message as new

#7 - Rewind message

*7 - Retrieve deleted message, needs to be used immediately after the message was deleted before moving onto another message

#8 - Pause message playback, press any key afterwards to resume playback

#9 - Skip ahead to the next message

Press the # key to end & save a message during playback for later playback



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I also searched TWC website and went through the run-around for over an hour! I found this post via www search, noy TWC site search. Very annoying... Voicemail Menu should be readily available!