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This is a real disappointment. I rely on VoiceZone Connect for the desktop caller ID function. This has been the one feature keeping me with TWC/Spectrum. Does anyone know if there's a workarounf here?


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Spectrum has no customer service skills -- they as a company don't give a (edited) what was working with Time Warner. I recently took Voice Zone Connect off my pc when I discovered my password no longer worked.


I am seriously considering going with AT&T for Direct TV  satiliite, internet, & phone, My neighbor just ditched Spectrum and switched to AT&T.



Re: VoiceZone Connect is being discontinued

I LOVE the program!  Please re-consider supporting it! 


Re: VoiceZone Connect is being discontinued

Agreed, it was a useful program and it worked. Who the hell cares how many people used it? It was costing them nothing to support it! And of course it had "low customer usage" -- they discontinued it as soon as they bought TWC, grandfathered it on my account last spring only after repeated insistance, and they never promoted it. 


Today and yesterday I again asked them what they recommended as a replacement. Most of their tech reps don't even know about it, and Spectrum has no replacement at all, even a third-party program, if there is such a thing.  I've actually been told that I should watch the caller ID on my TV. Like it's always on and I'm always in that room. (And ignoring the issue of storing and managing the call data.)

Yes, Spectrum, to use your exact choice of word, I do feel like we're being "serviced."

Can anyone here suggest an alternative? Practical, reliable standalone Caller ID devices  cost up to $100. (Apparently the very cheap ones are hard to read, don't last long and/or block calls at random.)   There is a program called CallClerk, which looks hopeful, but I fear it needs extra hardware or something. Anyone know it?


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I also can confirm that VoiceZoneConnect has been unavailable for the past ~3wks. The error suggests the issue is one of authentication, but I know my credentials are valid (unchanged).

"Error   Login Failed. You have entered an invalid TWC IC username or password."


I use this program to screen calls (very helpful when I am already on the phone and don't want to try to look at the CID info on the phone). It's also nice because it shows the caller info before the phone rings, which is a nice way to mentally tune out the disruption before it beeps the line. I also like the phone log, and also the ability to manage saved voicemail on my PC.


Spectrum please bring back VoiceZoneConnect.


It's 2017. No Caller ID? Not even recommended hardware? Spectrum, are you crazy?

I just got an illegal robocall that slipped past NoMoRobo. How do I report it to NoMoRobo if I don't know the number? 

A tech rep said I can log into my account. No. In addition to that being absurdly time-consuming and distracting, the only calls listed there are ones that are extra-cost, eg, international calls.


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Re: It's 2017. No Caller ID? Not even recommended hardware? Spectrum, are you crazy?

@scampi  You can submit inquiries to Nomorobo here:



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Re: VoiceZone Connect is being discontinued

I STRONGLY agree I use these features also being a victim of domestic abuse .
I block unwanted and restricted calls with this feature ,now I have to be worried every time I answer my phone SMH!😣😣😣😣