Voice Zone wont install

Voice Zone stopped working on my PC a week or so ago.  I uninstalled, rebooted and attempted to re-install.  I kept getting error 2032 = try again.


I uninstalled adobe flash, adobe air and silverlight, rebooted PC.


I installed

  • adobe flash v (NPAPI & PPAPI) ,
  • silverlight v 5.1.41212.0
  • adobe air v

error nmg

I'm no longer getting the 2032 error instaed I'm getting a message


Adobe Air: Something went wrong trying to install this application.  Please install the latest version of Adobe Air from and then try again.


I did that and am still stuck with the same error.  I uninstalled Air, rebooted and installed and it's still stuck with this message.


Running W10 64 bit and Chrome 52.


Please advise.

Community Manager

Re: Voice Zone wont install



I apologize for the frustration.  We would be happy to look into this further for you.  Please reply back in a private message to TWC_ForumsHelp.  Please include the account or phone number in the private message so we can locate the account and troubleshoot.  


James M.
^TWC - Social Media Customer Care
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