Phone time stamp issue

I am having a time stamp issue with my phones after receiving the new Ubee modem a month ago.  The time on the phone is an hour ahead. I talked to Chris Mele in IT and he said that the issue might be at a server in Syracuse NY.  When I correct the time on the phone it will revert back to an hour ahead after a period of time. We live in the 607 area.

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Re: Phone time stamp issue

The forum may be able to resolve your problem faster if you provide your postal ZIP Code along with your telephone area code.   They operate systems across the entire country so it helps to point the troubleshooting team's talent in the right direction.  

Telco area codes can overlap time zone boundaries and CATV franchise boundaries; ZIP codes normally are contained within a single time zone.   Cable networks do not switch to daylight savings time in the summer months, and there is no US time zone boundary that crosses upstate New York around A/C 607. 

We presume that you see the one hour error time difference on a  telephone instrument connected by in-home wiring to your leased all-in-one internet and EMTA telephone modem and router, NOT on a cell phone using a WiFi connection.  THAT would be a whole different problem!