I use to get notifications on my cell phone when someone called my home phone, but i no longer get those notifications.

I would like to get those again, but how do i set it up? I was on chat live, but to tell you the truth it took so long, and i never got an answer.


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Re: NOtifications

That sounds like you had the Phone2Go app setup. I would check on that app.

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Re: NOtifications

I already have the phone 2 go app, but there is not place where it says "notification"


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Re: NOtifications

What type of phone are you using? Were the notifications "Push Notifications"?

If they were notifications from the phone OS you will want to check that setting on the phone.


For Apple you can go into the settings and tell it what kind of notifications you want and

if it can use cellular data for that.  If you click on Notifications you will see several options.


For Android  go to settings then Apps then select the app in question and look for App settings/notification,  select allow notifications.



When you first log into the app under preferences did you select "I want calls made to my home phone number forwarded to this device"? Before had you just gotten notification or did the calls come to your phone?


In the upper right corner you should see a little gear.

If you click on that you should see a number of things. Please click on General


once there you will see notification sounds, do you have any of those selected as on?

There are also some Data Usage Settings you may want to review.


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Re: NOtifications

I also have the same problem. I also did the chat thing with no solution. Has nothing to do with phone 2 go. IOS notifications are on. It used to work fine. I think Spectrum take over changed the app. Chat rep tried to get me to use call forwarding. Dont want that just want notifications back. Lost it on both my phone and my wifes. We still get notifications when we have a voicemail

Re: NOtifications

I also used to get notifications on my iPhone and iPad (home phone calls and voicemails) and it suddenly stopped. It has nothing to do with phone 2 go, and all notification settings are as they should be and as they have been for years. I really want it back!