Modem broke?

Third time this week alone my home phone says no line and I have no internet. Can the modem being " going out"? It's at least 3 years old or more. I'm not tech savvy but have some how been able to "reset and retrieve" service. I'm also leasing modem. What to do?

Re: Modem broke?

It's probably a coaxial issue, Can you copy and paste the modems signal level page from or

What lights are flashing?, what model is it?

You probably need to call TWC out.

I doubt it's the modem.


Spectrum Employee

Re: Modem broke?

Possible preminary causes based on what you wrote, in order of what should be tried to be ruled out first with troubleshooting to last:

  • Power supply issue (no lights on modem) or buzzing/crackling sound coming from the modem.
  • Lack of signal on coax wire issue (DS/US lights flashing endlessly).  One can emulate this by unscrewing and then leaving the coax wire disconnected from the modem for several seconds.
  • Insufficient, or intermittently insufficient signal levels (need the modem signal level and error logs for this)
  • Ingress-related noise on the line (can only determine this with a field tech coming out on-site with a repair appointment you schedule).


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