I would like to cancel my phone

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I would like to cancel my phone service with TWC, but I don't know if I'll need the home phone for Internet.  Can anybody tell me if can be done?, I don't need the home phone anymore.



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You can go Internet-only; I have for over 10 years.  


With cell phone plans as cheap as they are (edited), I can't see a purpose for a telemarketing-magnet landline.  


My cell lines are $6 per line plus a few bucks for whatever minutes, texts, data we use--which is probably less than the VoIP monthly fee.  ...And no clunky devices anywhere.


And the one time I was in a hurricane, my cell phone worked and my POTS landline (not VoIP) didn't.

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Re: I would like to cancel my phone

Not only that, but if you're going internet only you could also buy your own modem, and own wireless router (and you get get something stronger for WiFi range if you want to spend the money on it).  The rental could be returned to a local TWC store near you.


For 2016, the internet-modem rental charge is $10/mo, you'd save that per month if you get your own modem, and you'd just need to make sure it's the correct number of downstream and upstream channels.  Don't pay attention to the theoretical maximum physical data rates "download speed" that manufactures advertise, instead watch the number of channels it locks onto.
(i.e.: if you get one that's 16 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels you'd be good for any speed tier that Charter/TWC offers, even if you're in a Maxx market like me that has up to 300 Mbps download & 20 Mbps upload)


I say the above really for anyone's benefit who is reading this, and feels tech savvy enough to administrate their own LAN.  (for the non-tech-savvy, I'd recommend sticking with a rental so TWC/Charter can remotely assist you with managing when you need some help).  The one notable downside of doing your own equipment for internet is that you are soley responsible for your LAN.  But can save $10 to $14.99 per month and get high-end quality stuff so... to each their own choice right?


All we really need to know when adding a customer-owned is the model you got (i.e.: is it a bridge or gateway, and is it the correct # of DOCSIS channels) and the HFC MAC (aka. cMAC) address that's printed on the box (it's like the box's unique fingerprint, but only means something to the ISP, in this case we're your ISP).  It's very important to get each letter or number of that 12-digit HFC MAC address correct, or it won't flow internet.


 I'd definitely recommend reading that link, as it lists some pro's and con's of leased/rental vs. customer-owned:
 Here's a shortcut to a table of different models:


Also, @RoloX2 , the so-called "Peace & Quiet" features on the home phones (need to have a MyAccount profile setup) do a lot to help with that.  Namely Nomorobo (which auto-blocks known auto-dailer/robo-call telemarketing, but allows legit stuff like school closings or pharmacy perscription notifications) and Call Blocker Plus (which, until criminals find a way around it, prevents people who spoof their Caller ID from calling you).


You can make VoIP work like PotS during power outages, but you need to have the modem on a battery backup (or buy a battery for the models that support it).   PotS (plain old telephone service) is actually suprisingly expensive as the systems makes it work continue to get more & more aged, and fewer & fewer customers use it that can distrubite the costs of that maintenance.  The AT&T PotS lines in my city are pratically dry-rotting & rusting off the telephone poles, no wonder they are trying to sue Google...

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heh...I find that "legit" stuff annoying and valueless.


I don't care if the trash is being picked up on schedule in spite of the holiday...etc. etc.


I use a whitelist: if you aren't on my contacts list, you get voicemail.


I use e-mail 99,9% of the time anyway.


As far as LAN admin goes...anyone can do it.  The CSRs one talks to aren't technical.  Technical types don't answer phones...those are the people who deal with the customers so we don't have to.  We're on the forums.  Smiley Happy