Cannot access Voice Zone

Cannot access TWC VoiceZone
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Re: Cannot access Voice Zone

Sorry to hear about the VoiceZone issues, @woeisme.  Please private message the address and phone number associated to us at this link so we may further assist.


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Re: Cannot access Voice Zone

You gotta love when they tell you CAN do something....but your really CAN'T....but they sure do try and sell you more stuff while you are looking.....I'm NOT impressed! 
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Re: Cannot access Voice Zone

Hey woeisme I just got off the phone with advanced repair guy and I finally found out that VoiceZoneConnect is no longer available nor supported. Wow, without warning, how deft! Before the advanced repair guy I was on live chat with a rep and he tried to get me to do the different browser bit however that has nothing to do with the wee "connect" widget that is now gone. Try as I might I could not get him to understand that it was not about the phone, or VoiceZone set up webpage, so I finally gave in'/up and called in the big boys. So, bottom line, it was a surprisingly refreshing addition when TWC rolled it out and I truly loved the little fella cause it gave me  options in dealing with unwanted callers. No it's back to looking at the TV call log and deciding whether it's prudent to answer it let it go to voicemail. Both of those  options entail endless ringing which is the most annoying thing about phone calls; especially  unwanted robocalls. One more "nail" and I might go  looking for an alternative to Spectrum/TWC,


Re: Cannot access Voice Zone

I am having the same problem. I agree, its time to switch to a new carrier. At the very least, they could have given some advanced warning. This doesn't speak well for the customer service.


Re: Cannot access Voice Zone

seems to be working fine as of today