Caller ID

My caller ID shows 25 in front of the area code (261) and phone number (7 digits). I am unable to return the call.

I really want to know where this call came from, but can't find any info.

Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Caller ID

If the phone number shows up weirdly like that, it could be a telemarketer. What leads me to believe this is that I have gotten similar calls in the past with strange numbers showing up. In fact, I have gotten telemarketing calls where the number showed up as all zeros (000-000-0000) or just a jumble of numbers. I kid you not. Some telemarketers somehow mask their real phone numbers to try to avoid getting in trouble for calling people who do not want to be contacted by the offending company.


Also, have you tried writing down the number without the "25" in front of the area code and then calling it back?


Hope this helps.


Re: Caller ID

I'm a former Insight customer in Louisville, KY. Is caller ID on TV available here? I can't find the setting on my remote.