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Business Class Voice Manager

The ability to always answer incoming calls is essential to communicating with customers and vendors. Our free Voice Manager web portal empowers you to manage your Business Class Phone service from anywhere without calling Customer Service to update options. 


Easily add, remove and configure 30+ features and options – such as Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups, Call Forwarding and many more – on any phone line on your account. Set up Account Codes so you can charge calls to projects, departments or particular clients. You control and customize your phone service online as your business needs require – whether or not you are in the office – with the changes taking effect instantly.


What’s more, your employees can also benefit from Voice Manager by being able to control features such as Call Forwarding and Mobility on their individual lines, which helps them manage incoming calls more effectively and access voicemail when out of the office, adding to increased productivity.


The Voice Manager Administrator and User Guide

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