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We recently had the system installed and I've noticed that even when I set the touchscreen screensaver to blank, the screen itself stays on while displaying a black screen. This seems like a huge power waste. Is there a way to set the touchscreen display to go off completely, while keeping the device powered on? Similar to how a phone or tablet is still on even though the screen is off.




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My options on that configuration page are the following:

- none (this does not turn the screen off)
- thermostats
- security
- blank (this is what I've been using, the screen turns black but stays on)
- clock
- weather

There is no option for 'off'.
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Re: Touchscreen always on

I would suggest calling into Intelligent Home Support at 1-855-632-6060 for support on this issue.


Thank you.


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In case anyone reads this down the road, there is no way (as of August 2015) to do this. The best workaround is to turn the dimming all the way down and hack the setting that is meant to be used to turn off the display overnight. I've set mine to turn off the display for the maximum time allowed (23 hours, 45 minutes).


Not sure why the manufacturer thinks everyone wants to waste power an illuminated tablet in their home all day long but apparently that's the case. This device is used by companies other than TWC so it's not really on them.


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It's negligible power use... But, if it's flourescent lamps and not led's, they burn out as well as the inverter that runs them burns up and you lose the display entirely.