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Hi All - I just had a new camera installed and it is HD and has a wide viewing angle. I think it looks great and much better than my old camera from TW. 


The problem is that the 24/7 recording is still in the old SD (720p?) resolution.  So although live, on my phone, touchscreen and internet portal its HD and looks great. But when I look at the history, it is a SD and has about 20-30 feet in each direction of the field of view cropped. 


Anyone experience this and have a solution?




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the recording resolution is set lower to save hard drive space.

You need a better DVR

here's the best display differences:


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This reply makes no sense. 24/7 Recording is in regards to IntelligentHome cameras and has nothing to do with DVR in any way.
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Not the DVR for your Television, the Micro-server dvr that was installed for your IH recording services.


Spectrum's Intelligent Home DVR that is installed is a Micro-Cloud Server that stores information on an off-site storage server that you are allocated a certain amount of space on. This is calibrated for up to 10 days of storage for 2 cameras at 720p.


Also, 720p is NOT an SD format and is in fact, HD quality. What may be recorded however, is the fact that the server is recording at 15Fps instead of 60Fps.


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Wait I just called to try to get 24-7 recording and they said they dont offer it? I only get 15 seconds of recording AFTER something has happened that sets off the alarm. How do I get that? I have a 3 camera system.


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sounds like you need to buy your own DVR and camera's, you can go about 30 days on the 4 camera one from Harbor freight. but you need to only record a couple frames per second, not 30...