problem sending emails

When I am home (on my TW/Spectrum Internet connection), I have no issues sending and receiving emails. When I travel I can recieve emails to my TW account address but I can not send emails. Any ideas how to fix it?


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There's another post here, that seems to say that the ability to log on, using ID/Password from a computer not connected to the Spectrum network no longer works.

I'm actually suprised that it did previously.  Most (All) ISPs that provide embedded e-mail services normally will only allow connection from their own range of IPs.



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Re: problem sending emails

You should be able to send and receive email from anywhere in the US. 

The thread you mention seems to be about using our SMTP server to act as a 

relay for another email domain. That would not be the same situation. 


if you can explain your situation with a bit more detail we can see whats what.


If you are overseas it is accurate to say the webmail platform is not supported.


Are you using an email client or are you navigating to Is the 

IP address you are using to connect to the webmail on a black list? 


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Re: problem sending emails

Apparently my response here has been deleted by the moderator.


I don't understand what you think I am trying to do. I am just trying to get help with the exact same problem this poster has.


About two weeks ago, RoadRunner made a change to its system to prohibit people who have valid, paid-up Spectrum/RoadRunner accounts from using a fat email client instead of webmail from sending email via RoadRunner unless they are connecting to RoadRunner via Spectrum internet.  The attempt to send is greeted by error 554, "connection refused".


I'm betting that's the problem this person is having.


If I try to use the online help for this, it simpy says such connections are not allowed. However, they were allowed up to about two weeks ago. Now they are not, and there has been no forewarning or explanation from Spectrum or RoadRunner.


This is something that some other ISPs do, but not all of them do it. It's not "standard", and I doubt it's even "most" of them. For example, before I moved to this town 7 years ago,  I lived in a rural area where cable was not available. At that time I used Frontiernet DSLfor my ISP. They provided email service, and they did not prohibit me from connecting via a fat client while using my workplace internet. Well before that, when I was on dial-up internet with a small provider at home, I also was able to use that provider's SMTP service to connect at work.


It's not a security requirement. I'm not trying to "relay" anything. I'm trying to do exactly what the webmail does behind the scenes when it sends messages: connect to the RoadRunner SMTP server using my RoadRunner credentials for authentication.  I don't have to be using Spectrum internet to send messages from the RoadRunner webmail. Why should I have to be using Spectrum internet to send messages via fat client email?


Again, I have a valid RoadRunner account that I use both at home (where I'm connected via Spectrum) and at work (where I'm connected via CenturyLink (formerly Level3, and before that, TW Telecom). In both locations I use identical Windows 7 Ultimate computers, and the same version of the same fat email client, with the same POP3 and SMTP settings, both of which use my valid RoadRunner account for authentication and identification. Two weeks ago, I could send from this client using these settings from both home and work. Then, suddenly, I could still retrieve messages at work but could no longer send them.


I am the network administrator at my place of business. I can assure you that we have made no changes to our network that would suddenly prohibit using the RoadRunner SMTP server to send emails from a valid RoadRunner account.


I have not made any changes to the software or configuration at either home or at work. The only change that can account for this is something that RoadRunner must have done.


If you delete this post, I'll start a new thread and post it again. If you delete that one, I'll contact your corporate headquarters by phone and snail mail.


You can resolve this one of two ways:


1. Issue a public explanation of why you have suddenly made this change and state that you are not going to change it back.


2. Work with me to fix this problem.







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Re: problem sending emails



Your post is still on the forums


To request information about our email policies you can

You can also visit our Postmaster page here:



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Re: problem sending emails

Thank you. Now we're getting somewhere.


According to the information you linked:


"Accessing and Sending Mail

Our Residential Mail system supports the following ways of accessing your email:

  • Webmail, where your messages are left on our servers
  • POP, where your messages are either left on our servers or downloaded to your local computer

Either method of access is available from any internet connection; it is not required for you to be on the Time Warner Cable network to access or send mail using our servers, although that is the most common method for doing so."


However, if I try to use the RoadRunner FAQ system (the fake chat dialogs) to troubleshoot this issue, I am told that sending messages from outside RoadRunner's network is not allowed.


So which is it?


I will repeat that I have changed nothing about my email configuration settings in the past few weeks. The problem has to be at RoadRunner's end.


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Re: problem sending emails

Ken, it's a bit of both -- if you use Webmail, you can receive and send e-mail all you want (when it's working/if it's working -- sometimes Webmail just doesn't want to work).  You can also receive all of the POP mail you want from anywhere (same caveat -- when it's working/if it's working, remember that Spectrum gives e-mail a zero priority rating, it's not a required part of your Internet service from their perspective).  But if you want to send an e-mail using a Spectrum SMTP server, you MUST be within the Spectrum network when you want to send that e-mail.


My suggestion?  Dump Spectrum e-mail into a very deep hole, cover it up well, and shift to an e-mail provider that actually wants your e-mail business.   I have many e-mail addresses from several different providers.  Most of them use a webmail model -- but unlike Spectrum's webmail, their webmail works reliably, and I can log into it from anywhere using any device with a web browser.


Re: problem sending emails

Actually, although I kind of hate to call attention to this, it appears that this issue has been fixed. I've been able to send email (SMTP)  from my RoadRunner account while at work (using a different ISP from Spectrum) for the last four days without issue.


I repeat that this notion that not being allowed to send from an ISP that does not own the email servers is common is a red herring, and incorrect. Some ISPs do this; many others do not.


And now,  Spectrum has stopped doing it and reverted to what RoadRunner had always allowed before.


Thanks to those responsible for fixing this.