fully functional e-mail on spectrum is a day to day endeavor.


Re: e-mail

For several days now, I cannot send myself email.  I've tried sending directly to my own email address.  I've tried BCC: to myself.  I've tried CC: to myself.  I've tried all of these from my PC as well as from my smartphone.  Nothing ever shows up in any inbox.  Just a tad frustrating.  Is this a new "feature" introduced to Roadrunner to make our lives more fulfilling?  Or to demonstrate how much better off we are now that TWC is replaced by Spectrum?


P.S.  I tried send to myself directly from TWC email.  I used my email address in the "to:", "cc", and "bcc" fields.  I should have received 3 copies of that test note everywhere I have email - on my PC, on my phone, on my tablet.  I got only one copy, which did show up on all 3 devices.  However, sending email to myself from my PC, tablet, or smartphone still does not get delivered anywhere.