Webmail SLOW!!

Why does it take 1 to 2 minutes to log into webmail?  I have tried mulitple browsers, different connections and every time webmail is slow.  It takes 20 secs to delete an email from my inbox.  When i call TWC they tell me no issues are reported for email servers.


Another interesting point, why are ads displayed in my webmail?  I pay for TWC services and still have to deal with ads.  Funny thing, the ads load quickly in webmail.  i guess TWC wants to make sure i get hit with ads before i can see my email.



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Re: Webmail SLOW!!

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You do not pay for email, it is a free feature we include with your internet service. We sell ads for anything that deals with (Time Warner Cable Central, and our Mail portal falls under that). The ads are not downloaded from the email server, and that is why they show up faster than the emails themselves.


The reason it is slow is because the emails through Webmail are stored server side, so everytime you open it or make changes, you are downloading from and communicating with the server, whereas if you were to use an app like Outlook, the emails would download to your local machine and be far more quickly accessed once downloaded.

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Re: Webmail SLOW!!

You didn't really answer the question.
WHY is Time Warner webmail so slow? Other webmail services are not slow, Google for instance. We know we're reading our mail online.  The thing is, is that it doesn't have to be slow, it could be just as snappy and fast as Google, but it isn't and it hasn't been for YEARS. As much as we pay for our services, TWC/Spectrum should be doing better.

BTW,   I called customer service about this once and they sent me to a different site to check my mail which was as fast as Google's webmail. I asked why they weren't giving this address to everyone to check their mail and was told they would, eventually. Unfortunately, I can't remember the address of the site.


Re: Webmail SLOW!!

You don't remember the site. Really? So you're not getting your mail through the faster server? That makes no sense. What is the faster server site?


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This is not a sol;ved issue.  There really is no excuse for the slow download of our mail.  I use Outlook 365 to access my work email from home.  It is a web-based email and I am able to access emails within a few seconds.   Using the Roadrunner webmail from home is a painfully long experience.  


If I try to access my roadrunner email, it takes up to 10 minutes and even then, if I need to refresh, I am waiting another 5 for a re-load.  It is not the ISP, as I am able to access my google and hotmail accounts quickly.