Web Mail Slow As Ever

So this has a problem since web mail started with TWC. It is as slow as ever. I mean every time I try to delete an email it takes forever. Now, try deleting 25 or 200 emails at once and you might as well go make a pot of coffee. I logged into the web mail becasue I wasn't getting emails on Outlook. That was becasue the server was full. So, I was searching for a way to empty the inbox and as some of you know, you have to go to manage folders  then click on the little folder thing that says inbox to empty it. I did that 20 minutes ago and the page is still spinning. I mean you can't find a different way to parse these emails? Its 2017 and I feel when I log into the web mail  you guys are still using dial-up. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Stop spending money on your advertisments and spend it on your servers. This is so aggrevatiing.


Re: Web Mail Slow As Ever

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One thing I would suggest to speed things up is to either login to webmail prior to it reaching the full status and deleting them more frequently or changing the options in outlook to delete from the server once they have been downloaded into the Outlook program.  That would prevent your webmail quota from filling up and causing a slowdown in the wemail portal. 


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Re: Web Mail Slow As Ever

For the first time in the two years I've had Time Warner internet, I'm finding it very slow in downloading. I receive quite alot of email which used to come in regularly every fifteen minutes or so.  Right now, it's 5:30 and my last email was downloaded at 3:15.  I checked my iPhone and I've had several emails since then.  Why is it taking so long?