Unable to go to when connected at home

I recently received a new cable modem from Spectrum

Technicolor MTA  (MediaAccessTC8717T)


I have my own wireless router.  Everything is connected and working except I cannot get to any of the twc email sites.  I have tried all the email address, ...., I have also tried all browers (chrome, firefox, IE)

I am unable to get my email on my Android phone when I am connected to the wireless at home.  This also happens on home PC, Laptop (directly connected to the cable modem), and Ipad.

It seems as though it doesn't think this is my TWC/Spectrum Network.  Everything was fine before I got the modem.  I have talked to atleast four TWC/Spectrum technicians and no-one can figure what I need to do to get this to work again.  Has anyone experienced this?


Re: Unable to go to when connected at home

Have there been any reported issues of this happening to anyone else TWC/spectrum?