Time Warner Web Mail Tool Archaic and SLOW

Does anyone know if Time Warner-Spectrum is going to give us a new tool to process email on their web site. The current one is a piece of junk. You can't process more than 25 emails at a time, there are rules you can apply, you can't index to a particular page. The thing is archaic, inflexible, and painfully slow. On my computer end, I use Outlook as my email tool. My settings are to Delete mail from my TWC Inbox when i delete them from my Deleted Items folder, but that never seems to work. Don't know if that's Micorsofts fault or TWC, but when i go out to the web to clean things up, it takes forever.  I have 4000 emails in my inbox on the web side and if i try to do any kind of sort, the system kicks me out and makes me sign in again. The thing is a piece of junk and needs to be updated with some more robust features.

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Re: Time Warner Web Mail Tool Archaic and SLOW

I am sorry to hear you are having problems with the  Webmail interface.  I would suggest if you are having problems with your Outlook deleting from our server when deleted locally to change the setting to delete mail once you have downloaded them. Test to see if this works better for you. If you are still having trouble perhaps logging in more regularly to the Webmail to manage the abundance of messages. 4000 is quite a lot and will cause the portal to slow. 


One thing that may help is changing the options. You can have the page display up to 200 messages at once, it is not limited to 25. You just need to click on Settings then Update Message Display. There is a drop down to select the number you want to manage. 


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