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My wife and I share a computer but have different TWC email addresses.  If I hop on the computer to check email and the email site is already up it is difficult it is difficult to tell whether I am look at my wife's email or mine.  Could the screen show the address that is currently active.  Many times I have gone back, signed out, signed in and then discovered that I was already signed on my account.   Be nice to know which account I was looking at immediately.

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Re: TWC Email identification

Thank you for your feedback. We will get this submitted for you.


One way, although maybe not ideal, is to create a new folder that 

will show on the far left under Manage Folders (it is a green folder)

Once you click on Manage Folders you can then click New Folder




Once that is done you can name it anything you like. You will see below

I created a folder named  rgmvmm1944   


You can then delete it or re-name it as you like. It will then show under manage folders 

and you can quickly see if you are in yours or your wife's email











You don't have to use the folder if you don't want to but it will be a way to mark

the page for reference.


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