Switching Email from Frontier to Spectrum

Has anyone here switched from Frontier DSL to Spectrum? Would like to know if your frontier email address was still active after you switched. Would like to switch to Spectrum but I don't want to loose my  Frontier email address. I have been told that it remains active but I would like to make sure.


Re: Switching Email from Frontier to Spectrum

This is a question you probably need to direct to Frontier.  Why would Frontier keep your Frontier email active if you are no longer a Frontier customer?

Spectrum Employee

Re: Switching Email from Frontier to Spectrum

Hello haligan911,


Typically, when you cancel service with another provider, the email that you recieve through that service which is a free service will be disconnected following your departure from that service.


You may have a grace period of time where it isn't immediately shut down, however you should not rely on this heavily as you are no longer a customer of that company and have no rights to the servcies provided to paying customers.


Free Email services like gmail, yahoo or outlook are different in that you get free access and they have been made open to the public for use and will not turn off your account.

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