Spectrum failure

Once Spectrum changed my router from Time Warner to theirs my computer has had problems. They have been out once a month to try to fix problem without resolution. I cannot open emails properly, delete things I don't want deleted, loads poorly just stops loading then starts, get the rainbow ball spinning over and over again. Cannot scroll up and down page. Last person who came out in April actually fixed it but 3 weeks later again a problem. People in this area hate Spectrum because they do not listen. Said maybe it's your computer. Yet when I go out of state or to the hospitals in the area my computer wrks fine. No problem. I just called had an appointment I made on the Spectrum site,  and I saw they cancelled a previous appointment I changed but thought I had better check my new appointment. They cancelled it without me knowing they had after I registered online and even printed the reservation out.  This has happened many times. She refused to send someone out because she said the speed test was fine. The last person who came out said the same and found out the person before had put in the wrong password in the router. They have changed the router at least twice. Worse than broadband. Nextr stop FCC and BBB in the area.  I know of at least 65 people in this area that have had ridiculous servcie from Spetrum.

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Re: Spectrum failure



Thie above post is very confusing to follow.  I assume that you are having email issues:


Spectrum no longer updates the legacy TWC email accounts for Roadrunner, which are now fifteen years out of date, and many Roadrunner email accounts have the problems that you describe.


Most of us recommend switching to a web-based email provider such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or  More storage, better security, and always up-to-date.  Additionally, with Webmail, you can access your email from anywhere in the world with a Web browser and Internet Connection.  If you don't already have an ad-blocker for each of your browsers, get Ad Block Plus.  This will stop the ads in Web Mail services.




Re: Spectrum failure

What did the previous tech do that fixed the problem?


Do you have problems with other websites or just email?