Slowest Webmail site ever!!!

I can't believe how long it takes to load the email web page.  And if I want to delete anything it's even longer!  I've recently deleted everything from all my folders, ana that only took 20 minutes, and it's still showing that 11% of my mailbox is in use!  What is it going to take to get this stuff fixed to make our experience better????


Re: Slowest Webmail site ever!!!

It's always been like this. Maybe it is slow because of security settings at Spectrum?  I am moving to another email service that is free and it is light speed faster. 


Email arrives too late

Quite a lot of my incoming emails arrive hours or even days late.


For instance being a DPAC season ticket member I get offers ahead of public sales. These emails often arrive after the offer has expired. DPAC also sent out an email in the afternoon to tell people with tickets that the show last night had changed it's start time. I didn't receive it until after the show was over.


Other emails can be delivered within a minute like having conversation with my adult kids. Why are some so delayed? Is there some filter?