RR Email not working


 3 days ago I get an error message when I try accessing my E-Mail. It says the username or password is incorrect. I know they are correct but try and change the password anyway. I go to the change password site , fill out the form, include my secret answers and the site freezes up saying password changes are not working now. Thanks.


I need my e-mail 


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Re: RR Email not working

First thing I would have you try is using a different browser to try and change your password. If you do not have a different one you can try make sure you have cleared cookies and cache and give that another try.


If you are still not able to perform that change we would encourage you to contact us directly for further support and investigation. Your peers here would not be able to assist you with that further. 


You can call 1-800-892-4357

You can also contact our Social Media Care team at:
Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum

Julia R.
Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care
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