Outlook Email Program does not work with Spectrum

I am using Outlook 2013 for my email. Till nine days ago it was working fine but now it isn't. I called Spectrum several times about the problem and the technical team told me that the software experts are aware of the problem. This morning (10/6) the popup box that was appearing on my screen was gone. A big improvement, but I still can't delete emails I don't want and I can't send new emails. Everything is working on the Spectrum email program; the Outlook program, however, is still not working. Is there any change in the settings that might correct the situation? Can anyone give me some suggestions? I am using Windows 10 as my operating system.


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Having same issue with no resolution - anyone have any new ideas? 


Re: Outlook Email Program does not work with Spectrum

Three thoughts, AKA Shots in the dark; You could try deleting your account in Outlook and recreating it . and /or you could go into windows 10 or earlier and create a new mail profile and finally what I did after those ineffective rain dances is open an account with another provider such as Gmail or then go to into outlook and create an account (I went with to keep everything in one house) with that new server and delete the account in outlook. Finally go to web mail site and have all incoming email forwarded to the new server account. Poof all my trouble gone away. FYI, you can drag and drop emails and folders from one account to another in Outlook before you delete the account otherwise thy are gone once you delete the account.


Hope this is not just more noise 




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Maybe you could give me a few suggestion on how to solve my problem. If I can, I'd like to keep my Outlook program. I has served me well for several years. Here's what happened as of ten days ago:

1. A popup kept appearing on the right side of my Outlook screen where I read my mail. This problem vanished two days ago.

2. I cannot send an email. If I try to send one it goes to my Outbox where I can't delete it. 

3. When I try to delete any email I don't want, I get a short ring and this message - "The operation cannot be performed because the object has been deleted." I wonder what that's all about. 

Here's my specific question: If I go to the Account Settings under the Change tab I see the following: 

Account Type: IMAP

Incoming mail server:

Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

Should I change that after the Outgoing mail server?

Anyway, give me some of your ideas. I wish I could push a button that would take my Outlook 2013 back to its previous state.



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Re: Outlook Email Program does not work with Spectrum

incoming and outgoing mail server addresses


I would encourage you to view this page 



Outlook normally has an option, If i recall correctly, to remove from server through the 

advanced settings. I would take a look there. 


Hope that helps.


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Sorry for late reply Tommy, I have been away for a while and have moved off the Spectrum server for email so dont check this forum frequently any more, I would echo Julia's comments in that you double check, although I am sure you have, your account setup settings. Cant remember what they should be for IMAP as I am on an exchange server with another email provider as noted in previous post. Given that the settings are correct maybe consider, first go to web site for your email and ensure all your folders are there. Then I would go to Outlook 2013 accounts and delete the account and reinstall it. The folders should propagate back down to Outlook 2016. I am on Outlook 2016 Professional Plus but the methodology should be the same. Only other off the wall thing that comes to mind is to do a System Restore to Windows OS version that is a couple of weeks old as maybe there was a courpion but that is a shot in the dark Other than that and the earlier post recomendation to move to another email provider, I am out of ideas.


Re: Outlook Email Program does not work with Spectrum

This is 100% a Spectrum problem. You shouldn't have to delete and reinstall anything. I'm using Windows Live and I have the same issue. Spectrum just needs to fix this.