Linking Android to Roadrunner email

I had to do a factory reset on my Android phone, and I cannot link my RR email to the phone. (It was linked previously). I keep getting a "cannot connect to server" error.  I have contacted TWC/Spectrum tech support twice and all they do is follow the instructions posted on the FAQ site. My Hotmail account linked with no problems. Any suggestions?

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Re: Linking Android to Roadrunner email

While the Spectrum folks won't come out and say it, Spectrum has zero interest in providing you with e-mail service.  Yes, they have some e-mail servers and they have a webmail page, but if you're one of the thousands that have persistent, near constant problems sending or receiving e-mail using the Spectrum services -- too bad, so sad, they will just suggest that you clear your cookies and make sure that your anti-virus is up to date, but they will not fix the problems with their e-mail infrastructure, because they just aren't interested in it.


That's why your Hotmail worked, because they are interested in providing an e-mail service.  If you like your Hotmail, you might want to send one last e-mail from your Spectrum/Roadrunner account directing all of the people in your contact list to send e-mail to your Hotmail address instead of the Roadrunner address, because Hotmail works for you and Roadrunner doesn't.  If you're not that fond of Hotmail (I'm not), pick another e-mail provider that you do like (sign up for several, give them a spin, pick the one you like best) and make that your primary e-mail.  Then you can safely dump your old RoadRunner account into a deep, dark pit and forget about it (Spectrum already has).