Forwarded emails appear sent, but never recieved...


I reopened the ticket for  this problem and I have more details... 

Issue:  Some (but not all) emails that are forwarded get moved to my sent folder, but are not received by the target recipient.  I tried Forwarding the SAME email from another email provider and it also did not get recieved.  However, even though the email gets moved to the sent box, I get this error message (indicates the email may be classified as SPAM)   

550 This message was classified as SPAM and may not be delivered

So, apparently some of the words used in the Forwarded email appear to some filters to that  it may be SPAM.  Roadrunner does not give me this error, but the behavior is the same.  This occurs for some forwarded email, but not all.  

So the issue is not all Forwarded emails fail, but some do.  

I have hit this problem now with 3 different emals that I tried to forward.  These are business related emails that are directed to only one other person.  The content does have some word that show up on some SPAM filters.  These emails are related to some stock market transactions and so use some words that some filters find may be SPAM.  Not sure this is the problem with Roadrunner, but I will add a comment if this gets corrected.  Other vendors will adjust their filtering to correct these types of issues. I am hoping Spectrum/RR will be able to correct.



-----Original post  I have some outlook rules that forward some emails to other accounts (and email providers).  People that should be recieving those emails are not getting them.  The forwarded emails show up in my SENT folder.  I have tried sending with attachements and those do not get to their destination either.

I have tried the following:

1.  Via Outlook, forwarded emails are not received (text only and HTML formats)

2.  Via Webmail, forwarded  emails are not received.

3.  Same emails that are not recieved being forwarded from another email service to the TWC/RR account are received (via Outlook)


Very strange.  Does not appear to be size or content format.

Any ideas?

--  Update after talking to Support.

They have opened a trouble ticket (Remedy ticket).  




Re: Forwarded emails not being received

Updated info.  Reactivated the trouble ticket per the changes noted in the first posting.


--Old message-

No word from support on status, but tested this am and it is now working.  Smiley Wink  

Forwarded several emails from Outlook from the RoadRunner acount to another email account and both came through.  



Re: Forwarded emails appear sent, but never recieved...

Still happening.  Two forwards this week, smilar but not the same,   did not go through.  No errors, not in junk, etc.   Those containimportant stock trade instructions.  Support Ticket has been open a week and nothing...  

I can send an attached PDF with the same data successfully.  However, that requires work on my part.  If Roadrunner at least returned an error!