Fix the email turtle

TWC/Spectrum needs to fix it's exceptionally slow email service.  It takes several minutes just to list the emails, sent messages, or any other folder.  Then, it takes several minutes to open an email message.  Then, several minutes more to go back to the list of email messages.


TWC/Spectrum needs to do one of two things.  1 - Hire some IT Pros who know how to manage email servers and performance, or 2 - Be honest with its millions of customers, tell them the truth, and shutdown it's email service.


Start being honest with your customers and fix this poor service!


Re: Fix the email turtle

I agree, it can take four hours or more for my wife to receive a e-mail from me and she is sitting at her computer only four feet away.


Re: Fix the email turtle

This is still a problem?  lol   Man people been complaining about it for years now it seems.


Re: Fix the email turtle

This is absolutely horrible!!!! The mail service takes sooo long to move beteen pages that I hate going into my webmail access. therefor the mail server gets full. If I try to sort by anything the webpage times out so I am unable to get any kind of sort. It would takes months to go through the mail. 


Would also be nice to see a delete all button for deleted folder.