Having email issue. Won’t allow me to reset password

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Having email issue. Won’t allow me to reset password

Hi Doc,


We no longer recommend the use of Roadrunner/Spectrum email.  Cable companies were never intended to be email providers.  Roadrunner is fifteen years out of date.


Switch to a webmail provider such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, or  Webmail is available on any computer or device with an Internet connection and goes with you for the rest of your life.  It is always up-to-date, and more secure than  ISP-based email.


You also get free on-line Office suites with Gmail (Google Drive.) and (Office Online)  They provide more than enough functionality for general users and offer about ninety percent of what the paid MS Office versions have.


You will also need one ad blocker (and only one) in each browser to stop Web Mail banner ads.  More than one may conflict.  I would recommend Ad Block Plus.


Leave Spectrum to Cable TV, Phone, and Internet Service.



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Re: Email

Hi @Doc1355  Are you still having a problem resetting the email password?

Are you receiving an error or is something else happening?


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