Email service is nolonger working correctly

I have noticed for the last 2-3 months now that  the email service is nolonger working correctly. The move message(s) to: "Junk Mail" option is now missing. I have not received any  "inbox" email lately. All emails, (good and bad) are currently sent to deleted item folder instead.  All filtered junk mails were sent to my inbox folder,  instead of the junk mail folder as checked and requested before I changed it to, ' send to deleted item folder," due to my junk mail folder option is being bypassed.

Also the  allowed and blocked senders feature does not work anymore. I keep receiving blocked sender emails and spams after I have correctly check marked them to block sender option, but yet I keep receiving error messages that states, "I have ALREADY entered those addresses in the blocked sender list."

What 's happening to our email account; it used to provide great email service?

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Sorry to see that none of your peers were able to help with this matter.   I have included a link to email support that you may find helpful.  



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Re: Email service is nolonger working correctly

I have the same problem and I get nothing but a run around from so called technicians.

Re: Email service is nolonger working correctly

Seriously, I had a technician remotely working on my computers email and he could not fix it. He told me that a senior technician would be calling me between 9:00AM and 10:00 AM. NO CALL. When I called again I was told there was no notes regarding this in my file. That is of great concern that someone from TWC was remotely on my computer and there is no mention of it. I get the same answer no matter who I speak with. They are working on the crashed server as fast as possible . This is an unacceptable situation.