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We are aware of the error being received that the SSL certificate expired on 12/30/16. Currently, the impact appears limited to Apple devices.  In the interim, going into your email settings and disabling SSL will stop the pop-up message and re-enable the webmail fetch.   Alternately, if you prefer not to disable SSL, you can also access email directly at https://mail.twc.com.  


We will keep you updated when more information is available, or when the issue is resolved. Thanks for your patience.   


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Invalid or expired SSL Certificate on Mail.twc.com

I am trying to set up my email account on an MS Outlook App (version 2.1.1) on my iPad (iOS 9.2). When entering my IMAP settings using the IMAP Server mail.twc.com, I get an error ERROR: SSL Cert Validation Check The SSL Certification is invalid or expired. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Invalid or expired SSL Certificate on Mail.twc.com

We are sorry to hear you are having difficulty! 


We would be happy to assist you. If you will please contact our Social Media team directly 

we can get started.


We can be reached directly at TWC_ForumsHelp 



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Re: Invalid or expired SSL Certificate on Mail.twc.com

Are there different settings needed to make this work? I get the same error that the certificate is invalid.


Re: Invalid or expired SSL Certificate on Mail.twc.com

Until several weeks ago I was able to get twc email securely on my Android phone using port 993 SSL/TLS.  That no longer works due to a certificate error.  I recently tried getting my twc email securely via Gmail using port 995 SSL but that fails too due to a certificate problem.  After some digging around I've found that one of the certificates in the mail.twc.com chain is a weak VeriSign SHA1 certificate (you can go to www.ssllabs.com/ssltest and get a security analysis of mail.twc.com to see the details).  I believe Google has recently started rejecting SHA1 certificates as insecure, which probably explains why I can no longer get twc email via Android phone or Gmail.  I can currently get twc email via Outlook but Microsoft has announced that they too will deprecate SHA1 certificates in a few months, at which time there will be NO way for most users to securely get twc email (Apple may continue to support SHA1 somewhat longer but I have no Apple devices).  TWC needs to resolve this asap.


Re: Invalid or expired SSL Certificate on Mail.twc.com

Did you get a fix.


Re: Invalid or expired SSL Certificate on Mail.twc.com

No.  Apparently secure email is not officially supported (even though it used to work) and TWC doesn't give a **bleep** about their subscribers' security.


Re: Invalid or expired SSL Certificate on Mail.twc.com

I have the same problem, but on their own mail client at mail.twc.com.


Re: Invalid or expired SSL Certificate on Mail.twc.com

More Info: Level 3 Tech Support claims to have never seen this and their test computer works just fine.


I am using two computers, both with an I7 quad processor (The laptop has a little slower processor than the desktop {Which has 32Gig of mem & a SSD} the L/T has 8Gig and no SSD) Both computers are running Win7 Pro
& IE11 with ALL the updates. Both have Java 8, Update 91 & both have both 32 & 64bit versions installed.


Just to make sure nothing strange with IE11 was going on, I uninstalled it on the desktop & reinstalled the fresh download & let the Windows Update do its thing.


Note: To do the reinstall, you first have to uninstall using "Programs and Features" - "Turn Windows Features on or off" - then "Uninstall IE11" which after several dialogue boxes & reboots you can get back to "Programs and Features" to "View Installed updates" to remove IE11. This will reset back to IE8 & allow the reinstalling of IE11 (Not possible before)


One other thing: The level 3 Tech could not even tell what version of Java was on her test computer. Java security is what is causing the problem and since https:// is not being used you cannot create an exception!

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Re: Invalid or expired SSL Certificate on Mail.twc.com

I think the so-called level 3 tech support needs to find a little more expertise.


I've long recommended that if you take e-mail seriously, do Not use your 'connectivity' ISP as they just offer it as a throwaway service. There are third party email providers who are more professional but they will charge you a small monthly fee.


BTW here is TWC's latest rating on Qualys SSL Labs:



Grade = F

Moto DCX3200-M set top box, ODN 8.0.0