E-mail Blacklisting

How can I get TW to stop blacking listing a e-mail domain?  I get some of my mail sent to a particitular domain and then have it forwarded to my domain.  It never makes it to my domain.

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Re: E-mail Blacklisting

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They claim they are not doing this, but I have had the same problem. Try going to your wemail, then settings, then Allow and block messsage options, then click do not block any emails. I am trying this. When I went in, there were some sites that were blocked from which I WAS still receiving email (so it doesn't work properly the other way, either). There were quite a few, including yahoo and gmail that were blocked. I had never even been to that page, but the customer support people said the blocks  were  from hitting the block button accidentally instead of the delete button when deleting emails on webmail. I suppose that could be true, but I seldom use webmail and there were about 100 sites blocked. I do not block any sites or emails as I use the email for business and can get random client inquiries and referrals.