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@pstryjewyou can add Dreamhost ( to the list of senders being cut off routinely.


 I've been trying for no less than 4 months now to get this resolved;  I have several hundred recipients (all active opt ins; not spam, not marketing) in my non-profit.  We constantly see bounce-backs from our 1-2x a week mailings. or complaints of days-long delays in receipt.  Always due to this idiotic rate limiting policy that TWC has.

I'm on the verge of telling those impacted of exactly how uncaring TWC is about this.


Dreamhost *has* been trying (or at least so they tell me through multiple contacts with them) to resolve with TWC/Spectrum/RR.  This includes having set up and maintaining their "feedback loop" with TWC (see site).  They don't seem to be getting any help from TWC on it from what they've told me.



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I don't understand why this is happening at all. It's a Charter thing, not a Time Warner thing. there were no problems until after Charter bought Time Warner.

I don't know why any compny would do this to any customer. Have they tried to get you to buy "Business Class" Internet in order to resolve it (which would be illegal)? Maybe they are targeting people they think send and receive too much email, but a small nonprofit? I really don't get it.

Clearly it is time to go public, to contact consumer Internet publications, such as PC Mag and Byte. Also, I am thinking of contacting some people I know at the FCC, but with Trump in Power, they probably don't care about consumers any more.


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I disagree that I should blame GoDaddy or any other company forwarding emails to me. The only company delaying the emails is Spectrum (Time Warner + Charter). And, it started only after Time Warner merged with Charter, so it's really Charter.  They are an unsophisticated and stingy firm based in St. Louis. Maybe they don't know how most people use the Internet.


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I do think this started with the merger, the timing is just too coincidental.  The rules were in place, but I think the combined volume of TWC and Charter is causing the issue.

There is blame to go around.  I am not defending TWC in any way,  I had the same setup working for 10+ years until the time of the merger.   I have spent hours and hours on the phone and chat with TWC and GoDaddy. 


On my previous post, you'll see quotes (from chat transcripts) where GoDaddy has refused to help.  They are aware of the issue and refuse to do anything.  TWC rules have been published for a long time.  GD is running afowl of them now, for some reason.  However, GoDaddy won't do anything on behalf of their customers.  They have all of the information, but either it isn't getting to the right people or to anyone who cares.  


What has GoDaddy told you about the situation?  It took weeks and 6-8 hours on chats and the phone with them, for them to slip the information that GD has known they are getting blocked.  Even faced with that information, they say that I'll have to get TWC to lift the block on GoDaddy.  


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When I route email through my Gmal account, it is less delayed. It's not perfect, but it's better. Time Warner (Spectrum) seems to have something against GoDaddy. They probably don't dare to delay Google as much.

The problems with delayed email has been going on since about November 2016. Just look at all the posts on the forums. Even Time Warner should have been able to fix it by now. This is not new technology. So, obviously there is no desire to fix it or, if you want to be really paranoid, maybe it's on purpose. Who knows?

Do you pay the lower rate for Internet service, such as $45? Have you been getting a lot of promotional mail for "business" Internet? I'll bet if you agreed to pay the higher price, your email problems would go away. I won't do that. Meanwhile, I'll do my best to take up hours and hours of Level 3 technical time.

There are two questions here:
--Why would a major Internet provider allow such a bad email system to continue? Email is a central service. However, think about it, where would you go other than TW? Frontier? not a good reputation. Verizon? Expensive and limited. There is no real competition and TW knows it.
--Now that the FCC wants to repeal the net neutrality rules, do you think this situation will get better?
I am hoping that the new high-bandwidth 5G wireless technology will allow more companies to compete in broadband. But, wide availability is at least five years away. Meanwhile, expect Spectrum to gouge you for bad service.



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I also have noticed this problem over the last 5-6 months. At first I thought is was just something on my end (virus or email client), but that doesn't appear to be the case. The timing of this issue is extremely telling: TW/Charter deal. I have many clients that use for their domain registration and site hosting and it is affecting all of them across the board. Emails coming from a Fatcow server going to a TWC server will take anywhere from 4 - 40 hours to get through. Anyone not on TW will get them almost immediately. This is definitely rate limiting being employed by Spectrum, pure and simple.


I have been with Fatcow for 20 years and Time Warner for 12 and have never had this problem until the TW/Charter deal. Extremely frustrating!


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It's definitely Spectrum limiting them.  However, can ask for the limits to be lifted or raised.  There are forms available at


In my case, GoDaddy flat out refused to reach out and ask Spectrum to lift the limits.  Two companies that will "hide" behind Level 1 and Level 2 support, with no escalation path.


Good luck with


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Long Story Short:

TWC is pointing at Fatcow and Fatcow is pointing at TWC and I the customer am stuck holding the bag 


Short Story Long:

I have been a TWC customer for 12 years and a Fatcow customer for 18 years. This email delay issue started with the takeover last fall (I also have several clients who use Fatcow for their domain hosting that are also affected). Coincidence?

TWC Support

I contacted TWC support, filed a ticket and they reviewed the email headers showing the extreme delays (15+ hours, sometimes days). They investigated and said they see the delays and Fatcow needs to register for their Feedback Loop (I was also told that I could do it, but I can't because I'm not the owner of the shared mail server). TWC pointing at Fatcow even though it's TWC causing the delays. So these delays are intentional and will continue until Fatcow registers with their Feedback Loop.

Fatcow Support

I contacted Fatcow support, filed a ticket and they reviewed the email headers showing the extreme delays (15+ hours, sometimes days). They investigated and said they see no delays on their end, their email servers are sending emails promptly. I informed them that they need to register with TWC's Feedback Loop so that the delays can stop and they said:  "it is not possible to add our mail server in 'Time Warner's (Spectrum) Feedback Loop' ; however, you can white-list sender domain or sender address  in their server to receive the emails without any delay."  I checked out this whitelist option. Return Path handles this for TWC and would cost me $400 to register and then $1400/yr. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!


As I stated above, two companies pointing at each other and the customer gets stuck holding the bag. TWC is intentionally rate limiting these emails (started with the takeover last fall). Plain and simple, the delays are on TWC's end, they know about it, it's intentional, and they don't plan on doing anything about it. Fatcow may or may not be able to add their mail servers to the Feedback Loop (maybe they just don't want to). Seems to me TWC wants out of the email game. No wonder so many people have gone to Gmail. Maybe it's a conspiracy.


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After much research and time on the phone with TW techs, I can say with confidence:

--Spectrum is the cause of the issue, not any company that forwards email to Spectrum.

--It started last fall with the Charter takeover. A Google search reveals that Charter customers have been complaining about this issue for about three years, so it's nothing new for them.

--It may be that Spectrum wishes to get out of the business of delivering email through downloads. Their techs have said so to customers.

So, unless you have another broadband service provider handy or want to use a service like Yahoo where you read all of your email online, you're stuck with these slugs.

As for why a major Internet service provider would do this purposely, your guess is as good as mine. But don't buy any of that hooey about registering with Spectrum or whatever. It's a bunch of bull.


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We thought we were the only ones with this problem.  This has been going on for several months and seems to only affect the primary email and not the subuser accounts.  Unfortunately we have "missed" some very important and time sensitive emails.  TW blamed Outlook while ignoring the fact that the same emails were delayed on our iphones which do not use outlook.  They promised to follow up with us in several days (that was two months ago) and we are still waiting--maybe they sent the response by email and it will show up yet!