Can't get email via Sprint

Android Gmail app new mail notifications for stopped working recently on Sprint mobile. I turned Wi-Fi on and started getting email again. Has Sprint started blocking Spectrum email or something? 

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Re: Can't get email via Sprint

You say that you turned the phone's WiFi back on and email messages started flowing as before.  Why was your phone's WiFi turned off?  Did your phone deliberately switch back to Sprint mobile data? 


If the malfunctioning G-Mail Android app runs on Sprint's network, those would be the first places I would go for help.  Spectrum didn't write or supply the Android app and doesn't provide 4G LTE phone service. 


Re: Can't get email via Sprint

Sometimes people turn Wi-Fi off or aren't in range. It would be good to be able to check email using mobile data anyway. I've tried various settings and am getting "Couldn't open connection to server." Gmail app isn't malfunctioning, seems like something changed at Spectrum or Sprint. 

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Re: Can't get email via Sprint

Are you able to send and receive through a browser on your phone on the Sprint network? This would help rule out (or in) the application, as well as the Sprint connection. If you are able to send and receive on a browser at you can rule out Sprint and focus on the Gmail App. if not then you know it is something to do with Sprint. 


I do remember some years ago, I believe it was Verizon though, the customers had to relay off of their servers to send email. I don't recall if there was an issue with receiving. 


I would also suggest checking in on the Sprint Forums page to see if others are having 

this same issue and what they have done to fix the issue. 


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