Can not change password on emaile sub accounts

Unable to change password on email sub account

Whenever I try to change the password on one of my email sub accounts via Subscriber Self Care I get the following error: You have entered an invalid division.  I am following the guidelines listed for length and content.

I have also tried resetting the password via the Email Password Reset Tool which gives the following error: Password information cannot be properly updated at this time. For additional support, visit for support and contact information. 


I have called now each day for the past 3 days.  Each time I have to explain to the  person who is NOT in the USA, what the issue is, and after I tell them nothing is wrong on my end, they tell me it's an issue on their server and are working on it.  Three days, with out one of my primary buisness email accounts, and I can't use it.!


I'm in Ohio, any one else have this problem?

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Re: Can not change password on emaile sub accounts



We apologize for any service issues.   We encourage you to contact us at this private message link or contact support directly for further assistance.


Please contact us at: 


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Re: Can not change password on emaile sub accounts

Same issue on a residential account in Wisconsin. I was able to access my e-mail briefly today after working with Customer Support to reset the password, but can no longer access the subaccount, and can't change the password to get in. For a business account this is unacceptable!