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Why is it that I have blocked many senders of spam, but I am still receiving junk email from one of the senders I have blocked? I block them  repeatedly but it does not help!

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Sorry to see that none of your peers were able to help with this matter.   I have included a link to email support that you may find helpful.  



James M.
Spectrum Social Media Customer Care
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Re: Blocked Senders -Email

I'm also having a problem blocking unwanted emails. I followed the directions provided exactly and it does not work! Each time I check my inbox I find new emails from people I have already blocked.


When is TWC/Spectrum going to fix this???




Re: Blocked Senders -Email

I'm having the same problem & came here looking for answers. James, your "helpful" link is insulting & most not helpful. Please take a look at how your company filters SPAM & see if you can at least return it to TWC levels of effectiveness.