4 weeks NO EMAIL

I am wondering if TWC / Spectrum has a new login process that they have not communicated to me. I am now FOUR WEEKS without email. When I called, the support guy said "email is a free service so we don't "owe you" anything!"

Does anyone else have problems logging in? What am I missing -except helpful customer support!? Thanks
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Re: 4 weeks NO EMAIL



I apologize for any poor experience.  I've included a link to email support.  You may want to try changing the password.  If you have tried the steps here and have not found resolution we encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


Please contact us at:


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Spectrum


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Re: 4 weeks NO EMAIL

Thanks for the suggestion.  I already called support twice. They claim that they are aware of the situation. The also assured me that because email is free, TWC /Spectrum owes me nothing! Just sayin' !

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Re: 4 weeks NO EMAIL

Email issues did get fixed a couple weeks ago.  I would call again.  Does sound like a log-in/password issue.  I had to call for another outage and asked for credit for the email problems.  I got a similar response about email being a "feature" and not refundable like the internet access (or phone, or TV).